Sunday, August 30, 2015

Morning Walk.

Good Morning Golden Gate Bridge. 


This Mornings Walk.

Sunday: I remember when I was a kid and I hated Sundays. Because that meant I had school early the next day on Monday morning. And while thats still true, Sundays have easily becoming one of my favorite days.. Let me correct that, Sunday mornings really. Sundays have just been made for all of the best things in life. Like sleeping in with your lover, cuddling, good coffee, breakfast/brunch thats instagram worthy, spending all day in your pajamas if you want. Its just really a great time.. Because on Saturdays your out doing things, but Sunday.. Sunday is where its at if your a cuddle bug homebody like me.. 

This Sunday I spent it a little differently than just lounging about in my apartment all morning. I had been wanting to go for a walk in the Marina and down to the beach and walk to the bridge and back! Because its just so gorgeous in this part of San Francisco. I really should do this more, but you know how it goes, when you work 40 hours a week, take 15 units of classes a semester, etc... You get a little tired and run out of time to do things like go for a nice walk by the bridge. But today, I found some time to do it, and it was delightful. (: 
I just went by myself, because sometimes I really just prefer that. Its nice, and quiet.. I like my alone time, and this was the perfect way to spend it. I caught a buss and  went down to the Marina district, and just started walking on the nice little trail that leads to the beach, and the bridge. It was really lovely. It was extremely refreshing, and filled me up with gratitude. It was nice and brisk out but still sunny, it was the perfect San Francisco day.  It felt so good to breathe fresh salty ocean air, and walk on sand and dirt. To see nice friendly happy people, and not crazy crack head people that are in downtown. It was about a 4 mile walk I think, normally I would have ran it. But I had to go straight to work after.. But it was a really nice morning. It was so beautiful. I plan to do it more often, now that I realize it wasn't so hard to get over there. You just have to make the time for the little things in life that are important. Like this. I really liked how the no trespassing sign and fence looked against the bridge and the water.. I need to start talking more photos..

I just thought I would share a few pictures I snapped from this morning. The bridge is always so breathtaking.. No matter how many times you see it. Its just beautiful.

  • I was almost born on that bridge, my mom was on labor driving over it.. yep, poor thing. I'm sorry mom.
  • So, my name was almost going to be named Bridgett.. For that very reason, if I was born on the golden gate bridge. Thank god I wasn't...I don't think I look like a Bridgett. 


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