Thursday, August 27, 2015

Delicious bowl of oats.


My half oatmeal half chia seed recipe! 

My favorite things about oatmeal? Oh, well thank you for asking.. Well, let me think.. its probably one of the most delicious healthy and satisfying dishes you can have in the morning time. Its warm, nourishing, and keeps me so full and happy until the next meal of the day. Who likes cold cereal? No, no no no. That is just wrong. Its all about the nice hot oats, mhmm. 

Betcha' never heard someone talk about oatmeal with that much excitement.. I know. Let me show you why, this recipe is quite healthy, and its 100% vegan too! With a lot of little healthy deliocus bits in there too! 

Step 1: Chia seeds!!! I love them.. 1 TBS Plus water.
Step 2: Let chia turn into its goey self (turns into about 1/2 cup) 
Cook your oats (I boil mine) I did about 1/3 cup oats. Then combine with chia!
Step 3: Add ground flax seeds! Ya, give it a stir, its good for ya! 
I did a spoon of flax, and a for sweetener I added a spoon of brown sugar! (so yummy)
Step 4: Toppings!!! Woo. I did a handful of dried cranberries, and sprinkled coconut flakes on it! 
Step 5: Look! Its a beautiful bowl of oats.. Mhmm. Now enjoy that bowl of oats with some coffee. 
(Or drink your coffee while making the oats, and then make another cup after too. You see where I'm going with this. I'm not going to say I didn't have another cup or two.)

Thursday: Well there you have it! My go to bowl of oatmeal. I know its exciting.. calm down. But really, I love this breakfast.. You can add so many different toppings, and switch them out. Plus its really healthy and seems to fill me up for several hours until lunch. I've noticed that if I don't have oatmeal I get really hungry later, and crave lots of bread and junk food. Which isn't good.. So if I have my healthy yummy oatmeal for breakfast it really kick starts my day to a good healthy eating start! Plus its the best when its still kind of cold and quiet out in the mornings, and you can sit down and eat your warm oats before the day starts. (: After my bowl of oats this morning, I got over to the studio and got cracking on a painting I'm currently working on. I think I nearly finished it.. Hopefully.. Thats what I always say though. I'm working on something exciting though! After that I planned out upcoming paintings I'll be starting on soon. And did thumbnail sketches for them. Ran some errands.. Went for a run! Ate healthy the whole day felt nice and energized, and stayed on track! Hope you guys had a wonderful day. And I hope you guys like oatmeal as much as I do.. If not.. Well.... I guess we can still be friends.. Maybe. 
Hope this was at all interesting..
I don't know what I'm doing on here.. Just trying to post what I like and stuff.. 


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