Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Introduction.

My name is Lexie, its nice to meet you. 

I paint, a lot.. Its kinda what I do.
This is my little studio where I paint.

Tuesday,  hello. I feel like its time for an introduction, of some sort? Would you agree? I'd say you deserve an introduction. (to whom ever is reading this) I've just kind of started this blog, and really want to kick into full gear! Ok ok, here we go..
       Firstly, my name is Lexie. I'm 20 years old now..Oh my god I'm already 20..thats a scary thought.
I'm attending college at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Where I live work and go to school. I'm a fine art painting major.. The traditional stuff. I work primarily in oil paints, or drawing. I'm about to start my fourth year there! Almost done... even weirder. Hmmm... Other facts about me.. I drink way more coffee than the average coffee addict. (I'm on my 3rd large cup, and its only 10 am as I'm writing this.) I'm a California native, born in San Francisco, but have lived all around. From Carmel and Monterey, to Tahoe, Sacramento, and the foothills. So I kind of consider myself both a small town and a city girl.. I love both of them. But right now, I'm back in San Francisco, and I love it. I'm really shy, and introverted. I'd rather stay in and paint all day then talk to anyone.. Though I am a big nature person, and if I don't see the beach, or trees, or mountains, or even a little park in SF for a while I'll go crazy.. So I like to stay pretty active too. Hmm.. Anything else? I'm a vegan, is that interesting? Or I have a large collection of books I can share with you, is that cool? 
      Anyways though, I want this to be a lifestyle type of blog. Where I can share with you guys what I'm up too in San Francisco. Art shows and events that I go to.. My art, and projects I'm working on. My adventures I go on, and places I see. Maybe some recipes I've learned as a starving vegan artist?  I just want to document it for myself.. And hopefully other people can enjoy it too. So thank you for stopping by and reading.. There will be more to come, and I'd appreciate any help or tips. Now time to get back to painting

Also, you can follow my instagram HERE I'm kinda on that a lot.. 


  1. Hey Lexie!! I've had your blog open up in my tabs for like a week! because I think its so pretty. I cant wait to see what you post and everything <3 Britney

    1. Oh my gosh, this is so nice and sweet of you. You don't know how much this means to me. Same with your blog, your blog layout and design is beautiful! Not to mention the content either (: Thank you so much, I'm just starting to blog..But I really like it!


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