Sunday, August 30, 2015

Morning Walk.

Good Morning Golden Gate Bridge. 


This Mornings Walk.

Sunday: I remember when I was a kid and I hated Sundays. Because that meant I had school early the next day on Monday morning. And while thats still true, Sundays have easily becoming one of my favorite days.. Let me correct that, Sunday mornings really. Sundays have just been made for all of the best things in life. Like sleeping in with your lover, cuddling, good coffee, breakfast/brunch thats instagram worthy, spending all day in your pajamas if you want. Its just really a great time.. Because on Saturdays your out doing things, but Sunday.. Sunday is where its at if your a cuddle bug homebody like me.. 

This Sunday I spent it a little differently than just lounging about in my apartment all morning. I had been wanting to go for a walk in the Marina and down to the beach and walk to the bridge and back! Because its just so gorgeous in this part of San Francisco. I really should do this more, but you know how it goes, when you work 40 hours a week, take 15 units of classes a semester, etc... You get a little tired and run out of time to do things like go for a nice walk by the bridge. But today, I found some time to do it, and it was delightful. (: 
I just went by myself, because sometimes I really just prefer that. Its nice, and quiet.. I like my alone time, and this was the perfect way to spend it. I caught a buss and  went down to the Marina district, and just started walking on the nice little trail that leads to the beach, and the bridge. It was really lovely. It was extremely refreshing, and filled me up with gratitude. It was nice and brisk out but still sunny, it was the perfect San Francisco day.  It felt so good to breathe fresh salty ocean air, and walk on sand and dirt. To see nice friendly happy people, and not crazy crack head people that are in downtown. It was about a 4 mile walk I think, normally I would have ran it. But I had to go straight to work after.. But it was a really nice morning. It was so beautiful. I plan to do it more often, now that I realize it wasn't so hard to get over there. You just have to make the time for the little things in life that are important. Like this. I really liked how the no trespassing sign and fence looked against the bridge and the water.. I need to start talking more photos..

I just thought I would share a few pictures I snapped from this morning. The bridge is always so breathtaking.. No matter how many times you see it. Its just beautiful.

  • I was almost born on that bridge, my mom was on labor driving over it.. yep, poor thing. I'm sorry mom.
  • So, my name was almost going to be named Bridgett.. For that very reason, if I was born on the golden gate bridge. Thank god I wasn't...I don't think I look like a Bridgett. 


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Delicious bowl of oats.


My half oatmeal half chia seed recipe! 

My favorite things about oatmeal? Oh, well thank you for asking.. Well, let me think.. its probably one of the most delicious healthy and satisfying dishes you can have in the morning time. Its warm, nourishing, and keeps me so full and happy until the next meal of the day. Who likes cold cereal? No, no no no. That is just wrong. Its all about the nice hot oats, mhmm. 

Betcha' never heard someone talk about oatmeal with that much excitement.. I know. Let me show you why, this recipe is quite healthy, and its 100% vegan too! With a lot of little healthy deliocus bits in there too! 

Step 1: Chia seeds!!! I love them.. 1 TBS Plus water.
Step 2: Let chia turn into its goey self (turns into about 1/2 cup) 
Cook your oats (I boil mine) I did about 1/3 cup oats. Then combine with chia!
Step 3: Add ground flax seeds! Ya, give it a stir, its good for ya! 
I did a spoon of flax, and a for sweetener I added a spoon of brown sugar! (so yummy)
Step 4: Toppings!!! Woo. I did a handful of dried cranberries, and sprinkled coconut flakes on it! 
Step 5: Look! Its a beautiful bowl of oats.. Mhmm. Now enjoy that bowl of oats with some coffee. 
(Or drink your coffee while making the oats, and then make another cup after too. You see where I'm going with this. I'm not going to say I didn't have another cup or two.)

Thursday: Well there you have it! My go to bowl of oatmeal. I know its exciting.. calm down. But really, I love this breakfast.. You can add so many different toppings, and switch them out. Plus its really healthy and seems to fill me up for several hours until lunch. I've noticed that if I don't have oatmeal I get really hungry later, and crave lots of bread and junk food. Which isn't good.. So if I have my healthy yummy oatmeal for breakfast it really kick starts my day to a good healthy eating start! Plus its the best when its still kind of cold and quiet out in the mornings, and you can sit down and eat your warm oats before the day starts. (: After my bowl of oats this morning, I got over to the studio and got cracking on a painting I'm currently working on. I think I nearly finished it.. Hopefully.. Thats what I always say though. I'm working on something exciting though! After that I planned out upcoming paintings I'll be starting on soon. And did thumbnail sketches for them. Ran some errands.. Went for a run! Ate healthy the whole day felt nice and energized, and stayed on track! Hope you guys had a wonderful day. And I hope you guys like oatmeal as much as I do.. If not.. Well.... I guess we can still be friends.. Maybe. 
Hope this was at all interesting..
I don't know what I'm doing on here.. Just trying to post what I like and stuff.. 


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Introduction.

My name is Lexie, its nice to meet you. 

I paint, a lot.. Its kinda what I do.
This is my little studio where I paint.

Tuesday,  hello. I feel like its time for an introduction, of some sort? Would you agree? I'd say you deserve an introduction. (to whom ever is reading this) I've just kind of started this blog, and really want to kick into full gear! Ok ok, here we go..
       Firstly, my name is Lexie. I'm 20 years old now..Oh my god I'm already 20..thats a scary thought.
I'm attending college at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Where I live work and go to school. I'm a fine art painting major.. The traditional stuff. I work primarily in oil paints, or drawing. I'm about to start my fourth year there! Almost done... even weirder. Hmmm... Other facts about me.. I drink way more coffee than the average coffee addict. (I'm on my 3rd large cup, and its only 10 am as I'm writing this.) I'm a California native, born in San Francisco, but have lived all around. From Carmel and Monterey, to Tahoe, Sacramento, and the foothills. So I kind of consider myself both a small town and a city girl.. I love both of them. But right now, I'm back in San Francisco, and I love it. I'm really shy, and introverted. I'd rather stay in and paint all day then talk to anyone.. Though I am a big nature person, and if I don't see the beach, or trees, or mountains, or even a little park in SF for a while I'll go crazy.. So I like to stay pretty active too. Hmm.. Anything else? I'm a vegan, is that interesting? Or I have a large collection of books I can share with you, is that cool? 
      Anyways though, I want this to be a lifestyle type of blog. Where I can share with you guys what I'm up too in San Francisco. Art shows and events that I go to.. My art, and projects I'm working on. My adventures I go on, and places I see. Maybe some recipes I've learned as a starving vegan artist?  I just want to document it for myself.. And hopefully other people can enjoy it too. So thank you for stopping by and reading.. There will be more to come, and I'd appreciate any help or tips. Now time to get back to painting

Also, you can follow my instagram HERE I'm kinda on that a lot.. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

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Corduroy & Buttons

Corduroy and Buttons






Cheers to the dorkiest outfit photos, apologies for my lack of photogenic abilities... 

Monday: Today was a mediocre Monday, I think I can say. Not bad at all. Pushed myself up and out of bed to run at 7:00 am this morning. And I did it, can I get a woo woo? No? Okay, thats fine.. I guess. Made lots of coffee today, multiple cups.. That deserves a woo woo, right?? After that I got ready, and painted a bit. I'm working on this larger sized painting, that I think I'm liking.. I'm pretty excited about it, I just don't want to ruin it I guess. Thats always something I'm worried about. I need to let it go..  But its a big landscape painting, that has a dark kind of abandoned feel to it of an overcast day.. But after that, I washed the paint off my hands and actually actually got ready. Put on this outfit above trying to look presentable.. I'm loving this corduroy skirt though. Its one of my favorites... and then these boots I got a few weeks ago. I know they're just your basic black chelsea boot type of thing.. But I love them! Went and did some errands and "important" things.. Then came back and put my painting clothes on, and went at my painting for many many hours.. (Its just kinda what I do) I'll probably work on it some more later tonight too. I'm planning on posting my art and progress up on this blog, but I definitely need to get into a regular habit of blogging first, and that sort of thing! I've been wanting to do this for awhile, so I am planning on committing. I just don't really know how this whole blogging thing works.. 

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