Saturday, July 11, 2015


 Stipes stripes stripes.
(on top of stripes) 

Stripes, the seem to be my go to. They never disappoint.
They are simple my favorite pattern, and I think 95% of my wardrobe is made up of them. 
Its a classic, and every time I go to by something, it turns out to be a striped item.
I'm guilty. They're just my favorite.
(And they hide coffee stains, and paint stains really well!!)

Saturday: Today has been a good day, I think I can safely admit. It started out quite early around 4:15 am.. As I rose up and rubbed my tired eyes and got ready for work half asleep. Hopped down the stairs of my apartment, and walked out into the city that was still dark and almost silent out. This is one of my favorite part about getting up early. The world seems so quiet, and you get to admire it. Quick walk to work as I opened up shop and made lots and lots of coffee for people. I love the customers that get there right when we open, they're nearly as tired as you. They think you're a god for giving them their first strongest and most delicious coffee of the day. I appreciate that. 
I got to leave early afternoon after an 8 hour shift, took some coffee with my back to my place. (My favorite date.) Then began on some homework, those summer courses... After that, went for a run, up to Almo Square and back. Its been a solid day I'd say.. A little uneventful. But hey, I got the important things done. 

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